“A journey of 1000 miles begins with but a single step.”

In 1973, my father in law took a step that changed the course of his life, he started his own contractor business. He rounded up his crew, threw on his tool belt, and Cherokee Builders was born. After facing a cancer battle, his life took a different turn. With an eye for detail and space management, coupled with his experience in construction, home design was a perfect fit. He named his business Designs by Rod and was off to the races. Rod’s primary goal and desire with his clients was to “put legs to their vision”. His business philosophy was simple: Form follows function. His goal was to design space managed homes around the way people live. With this strategy at the forefront of his mind, Rod Brown and his lead designer Matt, designed over 1500 homes in the area.

In 2016, after many health battles, God took Rod home. With Rod's passing, I had an open door to come in and take over the business. With my past experience in company management and Matts 20 year run with Rod in the home design field, we were a perfect match.

Young and hungry, we went to work. We took our fresh perspective and ideas and rebranded the company, naming it W Home Design, marking the beginning of a new era. We moved offices, incorporated a 75” display, established a web presence, and are constantly attending building science seminars in efforts to keep us on the cutting edge of designing efficient and unique homes for our clients.

It is a great honor and responsibility for me to carry on this business. For those who knew Rod, I have big shoes to fill and you can still see his footprints in everything that we do. Branding may have changed but Rod’s dream remains. We hope to “put legs to your vision” and design your perfect home.

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